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Pyrénées Cycling Lodge & Bike Rental

Cyclist accommodation and bike rental between Col du Tourmalet and Col d'Aubisque.


Pyrenees Bike Rental.
Colnago bike Rental.


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Coast to Coast Tour

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Tour de France 2014

Is Col du Tourmalet open?

Monday 5th May 2014.


Is Cirque du Litor open?

Monday 5th May 2014.


Both should reopen in May 2014.



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TGV Train Service

Nov 19 2011 04:34 PM | Velo Peloton in Travel

Many of our guests here in La Lanterne Rouge Pyrenees Cycling Lodge arrive in France through CDG Airport in Paris. The options for onward travel are to transfer to Orly Airport to fly to Lourdes or Pau or into central Paris and take the train to Lourdes. Lourdes is served by the TGV (High Speed Train) service from Paris-Montparnasse train station (Gare Montparnasse). There is a large choice of hotels in Montparnasse. The journey from Paris is about 6 hours and gets up to speeds of 300kmh. I highly recommend you take the train, much more relaxed and comfortable and you can say you were on the fasted train in the world. By arrangement there is free transfer to La Lanterne Rouge Cycling Lodge in Saint Savin.

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Ready to Fly

May 30 2011 12:18 PM | Velo Peloton in Travel

Most short-haul airlines will carry a small number of bikes which are not packed in hard cases or bags. It is usually limited to 6 per flight and can cause a lot of confusion among travelers and staff alike. When an airline say six bikes they mean 6 bikes rolled up to the check-in desk and not bikes in boxes which is limited by the room in the hold. If your bike is packed in a hard case, you should tell the airline it is sports equipment and don't mention it is a bike unless directly asked. We have had 12 riders arrive with bikes in boxes with Aer Lingus and others who were refused because there was a limit of 6 bikes. If you are traveling without a box or bag then this is how to do it, the bikes below are ready for the flight to Dublin.

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