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Is Col du Tourmalet open?

Monday 5th May 2014.


Is Cirque du Litor open?

Monday 5th May 2014.


Both should reopen in May 2014.



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The Great Flood

flood gave de pau tourmalet luz bareges

The current situation is that the waters have mostly fallen to normal levels. There is a big clean up operation getting underway. The priority is to restore water and electricity to the towns and villages which are without it. Cauterets' only road has been destroyed and will take several weeks to repair. The village of Baréges, half way up Col du Tourmalet has been devastated and was evacuated by the army yesterday. It will be several months before people can return. To the east the towns of Saint Lary and Luchon have also suffered badly. Saint Béat on the Garonne river at the foot of Col de Menté has also be devastated. There has been extensive flooding in Lourdes with 1800 people being evacuated from hotels.
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Posted Image
3km from Baréges. Top from Google Street View, bottom from a helicopter this morning.
Posted Image

Most roads have now reopened, but some will remain closed for several months. At the moment all cols are accessible except the western side of Col du Tourmalet where the road has been washed away in several places.

So far there have been 4 fatalities, it is amazing it is not higher. Many peoples homes and businesses have been destroyed.

What caused the disaster?
Record snowfall in the winter, colder than usually April and May which did not melt the snow. Then at the weekend there was 3 hot days which melted the snow very quickly and filled the rivers, this was followed by torrential rain on Monday and Tuesday and it all spilled over.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
This little bear cub was swept away and drowned.

Posted Image
Saint Savin on 21st June.

Posted Image
Saint Savin on 19th June.

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