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Is Col du Tourmalet open?

Monday 5th May 2014.


Is Cirque du Litor open?

Monday 5th May 2014.


Both should reopen in May 2014.



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Col de Tramassel

hautacam tramassel

Spring is proving to be very un-spring like. It's cold wet and windy and forecast to last for at least another week. Tomorrow is the only day likely to be in double figures this week.
In between work in the cycling lodge I'm getting out an the bike for short rides, hopefully can do some longer ones when the weather improves.

Today I rode up Col de Tramassel, by far the hardest climb in the Vallée du Lavedan.


Posted Image

Posted Image
Hautacam looking more like winter than spring. It was cold, wet and very windy.

Posted Image
Col de Tramassel.

Posted Image
Profile of Col de Tramassel.

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