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Is Col du Tourmalet open?

Wednesday 19th March 2014.


Is Cirque du Litor open?

Wednesday 19th March 2014.


Both should reopen in May 2014.

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Is Col du Tourmalet Open 2013.

col du tourmalet 2013

For information in 2014 http://www.pyreneesc...malet-open-2014

As usually this time of year I'm getting lots of email asking is? if? when? Col du Tourmalet, Col d'Aubisque and Cirque du Litor (road between Col du Soulor and Col d'Aubisque) are open.
As in previous years I will update this page once or twice a week and I will be going up there at least once a week to see how far I get (that's the plan anyway).
I'll also be posting on Facebook http://www.facebook....pyreneescycling
and on the forum http://www.velopelot...tourmalet-open/

Col du Tourmalet is closed.
Thursday 14th November 2013
After it's short and disastrous summer, Col du Tourmalet is now closed for the winter. Heavy snow is expected this evening. The ski stations are due to open from 30 November. Hopefully we will have an early spring and be cycling to the summit first week in May.

Posted Image
Col du Tourmalet on 9th November 2013.
Wednesday 17th July 2013. YES
Col du Tourmalet is open. There are no problems on the eastern side (Campan). On the western side work is continuing on reconstruction of the road. From this weekend there will be a temporary road open and there should be no problem cycling up it. There will be restrictions during the week for several months to come. The road will be closed weekdays from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 18:30.
Bon route!
Wednesday 3rd July 2013.
Col du Tourmalet remains closed on the western side and will be for several months. The eastern side is open without any problems.

Posted Image
The view from the summit, looking west.

Posted Image
If you pass the "Route Barrée" you'll make these two very angry.
Wednesday 19th June 2013 - 20:20.
The water is falling, but still remains dangerous. The situation is uncertain, but it seems that the western side of Col du Tourmalet will be inaccessible for several weeks. Beragés is wrecked and while there are no photos I have heard that buildings have collapsed, the road has been washed away in many places. The situation in Gorge du Luz is also unknown. Another person died in Luz today swept away by the river. The road to Cauterets is also wrecked and will be closed for several weeks. Further east there is much damage at Luchon. Col de Pyresourde is closed. Saint Beat is described as catastrophic. I'm sure it will all be more clear tomorrow.
Col du Tourmalet is open from La Mongie to the summit.

Posted Image
Tuesday 18th June 2013 - Update at 20:30
Chaos everywhere in the mountains, heavy flooding, power lines down, roads washed away, villages being evacuated. Lourdes and Luchon underwater.
Many Cols impassable. See our facebook page for latest updates. https://www.facebook...pyreneescycling
Tuesday 18th June 2013. Yes and No
The snow has been melting so fast over the past 3 days that major flooding downstream is now a real possibility.
Eastern side is open, western side remains closed.

Mardi 18 Juin 2013. Oui et Non
La neige a été fondre si rapidement au cours des 3 derniers jours que d'importantes inondations en aval est maintenant une possibilité réelle.
Côté Est est ouvert, côté ouest reste fermé.
Sunday 16th June 2013.
It has been hot the last few days and the snow is melting fast. It is causing some minor flooding down river.

Posted Image
Voie Verte-Green Way is flooded by the melt water near Argeles-Gazost.

Posted Image
It was a hot summer day, over 30c this afternoon. A view of Vallée du Lavedan from Cote de Saint-Savin.

As of 16:00 on Friday 14th June 2013, Cirque du Litor is open.

Tuesday 11th June 2013. Yes and No
I rode up to the summit today, from Campan on the eastern side. The west remains closed. Cirque du Litor (road between Soulor and Aubisque) is due to open in the next couple of days.

Mardi 11 Juin 2013. Oui et Non
J'ai pédalé jusqu'au sommet aujourd'hui, à partir de Campan sur la côte orientale. L'Occident reste fermé. Cirque du Litor (route entre Soulor et Aubisque) devrait ouvrir dans les prochains jours.


Photo Gallery

Posted Image
1km from the summit.

Posted Image
500 metres from the summit.

Posted Image
100 metres from the summit looking back down the road to La Mongie.

Posted Image
Myself, Paddy McSweeney at the summit for the first time in 2013.

Posted Image
Roxana and Glenn at the new memorial to Eugéne Christophe, at the spot where his forks broke. 7km from the summit.

Sunday 9th June 2013 Yes and No
It is now possible to ride to the summit on the eastern side. Extreme caution is still advised. The western slope remains impassable.

Dimanche 9 Juin 2013 Oui et Non
Il est maintenant possible de monter au sommet de la côte orientale. Une extrême prudence est toujours conseillé. Le versant occidental reste infranchissable.

Thursday 6th June 2013.No
I rode up to Super-Baréges Ski Station today. A beautiful sunny day. The road is still closed and I think will remain so for another 2 to 3 weeks, I guess.
There is still massive amounts of snow up there.

Jeudi Juin 6th 2013.non
J'ai roulé jusqu'à la station de ski de Super-Barèges aujourd'hui. Une belle journée ensoleillée. La route est encore fermé et je pense que le restera pendant encore 2 à 3 semaines, je crois.
Il ya encore d'énormes quantités de neige là-haut.

Posted Image
View towards the summit with 3.4km to go.

Posted Image
It's the 6th June, hard to believe.
Wednesday 5th June 2013. No
Not much change in the last two weeks. The col remains closed with no date of opening set. We just have to wait for the snow to melt.

Mercredi 5 Juin 2013. Non
Pas beaucoup de changement dans les deux dernières semaines. Le col reste fermé sans date d'ouverture set. Nous avons juste à attendre la neige à fondre.

Posted Image
Photo taken on 3rd June 2013, approx 3km from the summit. http://www.grand-tourmalet.com

1st June 2013. No
Col du Tourmalet is closed at La Mongie (4km from summit) on the east side and at Tournaboup (8km from summit) on the west side. Avalanche risk is very high.

1st Juin 2013. Non
Col du Tourmalet est fermé à La Mongie (4km de sommet) sur le côté est et à Tournaboup (8km du sommet) sur le côté ouest. Risque d'avalanche est très élevé.

Posted Image
Photo by Joel Adagas. https://www.facebook.com/joel.adagas.3
31st May 2013. No
It has been snowing heavily for the past 3 days. It is now probable that Col du Tourmalet will not open for several weeks.The risk of avalanche is very high.

31 mai 2013. Non
Il a neigé fortement pour les 3 derniers jours. Il est désormais probable que le col du Tourmalet sera pas ouvert pendant plusieurs semaines. Le risque d'avalanche est très élevé.

28th May 2013. No
Work continues on clearing the snow.

28 mai 2013. Non
Les travaux se poursuivent sur ​​le déneigement.

News report from http://www.france3.fr/

Simple translation is:
Basically there is a shit load of snow up there and they have two teams working to clear it. Last year they had it open on 16th May, this year they still hope to have it open on 7th June.

Posted Image
This photo was taken on Sunday 26th May between La Mongie and the summit.

Sunday 26th May 2013. No

There has been fresh snow during the week. Work is continuning on clearing the snow. I expect it to be passable in approx 10 days time.

Dimanche 26 mai 2013. Non

Il ya eu la neige fraîche durant la semaine. Le travail est continuning sur le déneigement. Je m'attends à ce qu'il soit passable dans environ 10 jours de temps.


Dimanche 19 mai 2013. No.
J'ai roulé ce matin aussi loin que je pouvais obtenir, à 3,5 km du sommet, à 1 km au-dessus de la station de ski. La route etait labouré plus haut, mais pas assez pour avancer plus loin sans danger.Quand nous étions là, la neige tombait toujours.

Sunday 19th May 2013. No.
I rode up this morning as far as I could get, 3.5km from the summit, just 1km above the Ski Station. The road was ploughed further up but not enough to cycle any further in safety. There was still snow falling when we were up there.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted ImageThe view of the summit with 3.5km to go.

Posted Image

Friday 17th May 2013. No
Work is continuing on clearing the snow despite the bad weather. Up to 40cm of snow has fallen in the past two nights. It is estimated that there is 10.5 metres of snow just below the summit on the La Mongie side. It is expected the work will take another two weeks.

Vendredi 17 mai 2013. Non
Les travaux se poursuivent sur ​​le déneigement malgré le mauvais temps. Jusqu'à 40 cm de neige est tombée dans les deux dernières nuits. On estime qu'il y est de 10,5 mètres de neige juste en dessous du sommet sur ​​le côté La Mongie. Il est prévu que le travail prendra encore deux semaines.


Wednesday 15th May 2013. NO.
Up to 10cm of fresh snow fell on the mountains above 1400m last night.

From La Mongie the road is open to 3km from the summit.

Mercredi 15 mai 2013. NON
Jusqu'à 10 cm de neige fraîche est tombée sur les montagnes au-dessus de 1400m hier soir.

De La Mongie la route est ouverte à 3km du sommet.

Posted Image
Photo by Grimpette

http://www.velopelot...8_182439.jpgThe view from La Lanterne Rouge Pyrénées Cycling Lodge this morning.

Tuesday 14th May 2013. No
Conseil Général des Hautes-Pyrénées are working on opening the Col du Tourmalet, it's a slow job and will take several weeks. Fresh snow is expected on Thursday 16th May.

Mardi 14 mai 2013. Non
Conseil Général des Hautes-Pyrénées travaillent sur l'ouverture du Col du Tourmalet, c'est un travail lent et prendra plusieurs semaines. La neige fraîche est prévu le jeudi 16 mai.

Posted Image

Sunday 12th May 2013. NO.
This photo was taken approx 4km from the summit, just above the Super Baréges Ski Station today. Col du Tourmalet will not be opening anytime soon.

Dimanche 12 mai 2013. NO.
Cette photo a été prise à 4km environ du sommet, juste au-dessus de la station de ski Super Barèges aujourd'hui. Col du Tourmalet n'ouvrira pas de sitôt.

Posted Image
Photo by Ryan Hendriks from Belgium. Ryan is staying at La Lanterne Rouge Pyrénées Cycling Lodge.


Wednesday 8th May 2013. NO.

I rode up Col du Tourmalet again today. I only got about 50m further than last week. Still loads of snow up there.

Mercredi 8 mai 2013. NO.

J'ai roulé jusqu'à Col du Tourmalet à nouveau aujourd'hui. J'ai seulement eu environ 50m plus loin que la semaine dernière. Encore des charges de neige là-haut.

Posted Image
4.5km from the summit at Super Baréges Ski Station.
4,5 kilomètres du sommet à la station de ski de Super Barèges.

Posted Image
Sunday 5th May 2013. NO.

I rode up Col du Soulor today. Needless to say the road to Col d'Aubisque is still closed (you can ride up the western side, but not over the top). I went down a bit to have a look at the Cirque du Litor. The road is mostly free from snow but there is a lot of snow on the mountain above which is the problem. Hopefully in another few weeks it will be open. The Col du Tourmalet remains closed.

Posted Image
Cirque du Litor. Although it does not look it in this photo, today was a beautiful warm day with a touch of summer about it.

Posted ImageThis one from Col de Couraduque shows the day better. Hopefully there are many more on the way.


Wednesday 1st May 2013. NO.

​The road has been ploughed up to the ski station at Super Baréges. From there on there is several metres of snow. It dosen't look like it will be opening anytime soon. It was fantastically beautiful up there this morning, worth the ride even if you cant get to the top. From La Mongie the road remains closed just outside the village.

Posted Image

Statement from Conseil Général des Hautes-Pyrénées today.

"The calves titillate you, your bike before your eyes...

However, you have certainly noticed, It has snowed much this winter... and it's still snowing this spring.

Our teams are joining forces to open as soon as possible the still very snowy passes.
Thus, while the Soulor and the Aspin are opened, the Tourmalet is still blocked by very large amounts of snow. Its release will take several weeks with the objective of opening June 8, for the Montée du Géant.

For your info, the Conseil Général of Pyrénées Atlantiques will not address snow removal from the col d'Aubisque until mid-May, for an opening in early June, subject to the means that their teams will use and difficulties they might encounter."

My translation is perhaps not the best but you get the idea. The col du Tourmalet and Col d'Aubisque will not be open for another month.

Posted Image
Super Baréges Ski Station 4.5 km from the summit at 1740m.

Posted Image
5.5km from the summit with Roxana from Mexico. www.facebook.com/ROCKY.ISLASGARCIA

Posted Image
4.5km from the summit.


Monday 29th April. NO.
There has been fresh snow in the last 2 days. The snow has been down to 1000m. Warmer weather should return during the week.

Posted Image
On the Voie Vetre - Green Way at Lourdes. Looking south up the Vallée du Lavedan to the fresh snow on Hautacam.

Good photo from Tourmalet here:


Monday 22nd April 2013. NO
I rode up there yesterday. I got to 6km to go before the road was blocked by 1.5 metres of snow. This time last year I was getting to 3km. The weather remains warm and the forecast good.
My phone was dead but I did get one photo before it switched off.

Posted Image

Wednesday 17th April 2013. NO
The last week has been very warm, you could even say hot with temperatures up to 30c. The snow is melting rapidly.

Posted Image
8km from the summit, just above the Tournaboup ski station. The road was clear of snow but is closed as there is a high risk of avalanche, especially with the hot sun melting the snow and making it unstable.

Posted Image
View down the valley towards Bareges.

Posted Image
Snow-plough at work clearing the road.

Posted Image
View towards the summit. The cafe at the summit can be seen at the low point on the horizon.

Friday 5th April 2013
No. There was fresh snow this morning.
This video shows an avalanche on Cirque du Litor, the road between Col du Soulor and Col d'Aubisque. It was taken on 27th March.

Tuesday 26th March 2013. NO

Closing dates for ski stations for the season 2012/2013.

Closure of the ski area on Monday, April 1, 2013 .

Closure of the ski area Sunday, April 7, 2013 .

Closure of the ski area Sunday, April 14, 2013 .

Thursday 21st March 2013. NO
I rode up the western side today. The road is blocked by snow, 8km from the summit.

Posted Image
7km from the summit, no more road.

Posted Image
8km from the summit.

Monday 11th March 2013.
No. Col du Tourmalet and Cirque de Litor are closed.

The Col du Tourmalet is open up to La Mongie on the east and to SuperBerages on the west, both 4km from the summit. The road above is used as a piste.
The ski stations are due to close on 21st April 2013.

Cirque du Litor is closed.

Col d'Aubisque is open to Gourette, 4km from the summit.

La Mongie, eastern slope of Col du Tourmalet. The last 4km of road are used as a piste.

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