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Hautacam - Col de Tramassel

hautacam tour tramassel

Hautacam is in the Vallée du Lavedan in Hautes Pyrénées. The climb up Hautacam starts from Argelès-Gazost by the Gave du Pau river near the rugby club, on road D100. The start altitude is 431m. It is 14.5km to the ski station at Hautacam. The road continues for 1.5km to the dead-end at Col de Tramassel, at 1620m altitude.16 km long, over this distance, the climb is 1190 m, an average of 7.5%.

For the latest news and photos of Hautacam.

Posted Image
Hautacam, 3km from the ski station.

Hautacam is a very difficult climb, it undulates frequently making it hard to maintain a rhythm, there are ramps up to 17% and some long sections up to 15%. The hardest part is the 8km after the village of Artalens. The climb eases of for the last 2 km before Hautacam. At Hautacam there is a large flat car-park for the ski station. This is where Le Tour de France has it's stage finish. Ride across the car-park and on the left you will see the road rising steeply again for the final 1.3km to Col du Tramassel. There is a cafe at Col de Tramassel, a sign at the car-park at Hautacam will indicate whether it is open or not. There is also a cafe at the ski station.

Posted Image
Photo taken at Col de Tramassel looking down on Hautacam and the Vallée du Lavedan. View our Hautacam Photo Gallery.

The climb to Hautacam has been used 4 times by Le Tour de France. It is categorized HC.
1994 Luc Leblanc
1996 Bjarne Riis
2000 Javier Otxoa
2008 June José Cobo

While Juan José Cobo is credited with the win in 2008, his team mate Leonardo Pippoli was first to cross the line. He was later disqualified for doping. Cobo rode the climb is under 39 minutes. Hautacam was where the great Miguel Indurain finally cracked in 1996, after 5 years of domanince.

The stage in 2000 is a real tour classic. When Javier Otxoa broke away with Nico Mattan with 155 km to go in savage cold and rain, he was not given much chance of success. He would drop Mattan for the first time on the Col de Marie Blanque, but Mattan rejoin him on the descent. Otxoa shook him off for good on the climb of Col d'Aubisque and rode over the Col du Soulor on his own to arrive at the foot of Hautacam with a lead of 10 minutes and 35 seconds on the chasing group. He paid for his earlier efforts by suffering all the way up Hautacam to the cheers of manic Basque fans. He crossed the line 42 seconds ahead of second placed Lance Armstrong.

Posted Image
2008 Tour de France on Hautacam.

Posted Image

Starting from Argeles-Gazost on D100
1 Head southeast on D100 toward Chemin de Pouey Castet
2 Turn left onto Chemin de Couture Bague/D13
3 Take the 1st right onto Route du Hautacam/D100
4 Turn right to stay on Route du Hautacam/D100 - Continue to follow D100
5 Continue straight onto Le Bourg
6 Slight left to stay on Le Bourg
7 Continue onto Plagnets
8 Slight left toward Saint-André
9 Slight right onto Saint-André
10 Turn right to stay on Saint-André
11 Keep left at the fork
12 Turn right onto Las Gès
13 Keep left at the fork
14 Slight left
15 Slight left at Hourquet
16 Turn right
17 Turn left
18 Turn right
19 Turn left
20 Turn right
Arriving at Col de Tramassel
Total: 16.0 km - about 1 hour 30 mins

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